What is your truth?

The universe controls human beings. It’s when human beings think it’s the other way around that problems arise.

Living in harmony with nature, respecting and understanding it, connects us with our own roots. It lets us learn more about the world around us and reverberates throughout our entire being. But the process can reshape our vision of reality to some extent, which is not always comfortable.

As human beings, we sometimes twist and turn things the wrong way around. So life has created a language that we can understand to communicate this imbalance. Certain physical, emotional or mental symptoms may appear to send out this message. To resolve the situation, we have to be able to detect the problem, analyze it and react. Ultimately, it is through this process that we find a deeper sense of meaning in our lives. We all have something to tell and teach others, and both suffering and well-being are the channels through which this message can emerge. Your truth will reveal itself to you during this quest for balance and wellness.

As we are fond of saying, “Change your thinking, change your life.” This is the path to strength and vitality, to a deeper and greater connection between you and every fiber of your being.

Another favorite adage of ours is, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” To move forward from where you are in your life, you have to be open and ready to learn. Look at your symptoms as a travel guide of sorts. They will help point you in the right direction as you explore and seek out your truth. And, along the way, you will be bringing your conscious and unconscious mind into alignment.

Like the downpour that eventually helps flowers bloom and grow, pain can be the key to healing. Trust your body to gradually take you through these steps and lead you toward your truth.