What is naturopathy?

Medicine has evolved in different directions. And while we keep making scientific headway, one truth remains the same: All science stems from Nature. Man does not determine the nature of things. Nature does. Naturopathy stems from Hippocrates – father of western medicine – 2,500 year old doctrine based on the healing power of nature. This system of health care, aims at achieving balance in the body’s natural function using non-invasive means. It is a practice predicated on natural self-healing mechanisms. Symptoms of illness are considered to be alarm signals indicating the body’s response to poor living habits. In effort to restore health, Naturopathy focuses on the cause of such symptoms rather than the symptoms themselves. The purpose is to ultimately eliminate the cause, thus subsequently eliminating the symptoms. The very basics of Hippocratic Medicine hold true to this day. And now with a deeper knowledge of nature, human anatomy and their relationship with one another, Naturopathy has evolved to being able to provide an upgraded perspective to holistic medicine and able to formulate more sophisticated protocols.

What is a naturopath?

A Naturopath is a health care practitioner responsible for educating you on your health state and guiding you toward your wellbeing. Interventions aim to activate, nourish and reinforce otherwise compromised tissue obstructing you from good health. Protocols mainly involve herbal compounds and tinctures. Naturopathic consultations at l’Aube are always private and confidential. Our Naturopaths take personal care in understanding you from a: physiological, psychological, environmental, social and spiritual state, in order to properly advise you on necessary steps required for health improvement. L’Aube health care practitioners understand the challenges that arise from health complications and their impact on your daily life; for this we have a collaborative approach to your therapy, ensuring you’re guided through the resources needed to achieving your health benchmarks and by offering you solutions that are simple to integrate into your lifestyle.

Why consult with a Naturopath?

For preventative reasons:

Naturopathy gives you perspective on why you may be experiencing common symptoms and/or health challenges; and is your conduit to addressing such issues proactively, preventing them from aggravating and escalating to bigger health challenges or life-threatening situations.vv

Naturopathy respects the laws of human anatomy promoting respective nutrition and lifestyle requirements for healthy living.

Our goal here is to fundamentally educate you on the pillars of health and their role in enabling you to properly assimilate and utilize nutrients and eliminate waste. You learn how to achieve and maintain cellular health, and thus, an alkaline healthy body and mind.


For corrective reasons:

It is human nature to treat rather than to prevent. The good news is that the human body holds intelligence that is beyond human imagination. Approximately 50,000 cells in your body will die and be replaced by new cells by the time you finish reading this sentence. This alone only begins to describe the power of the human body. Naturopathy advocates that the body makes no mistakes; illness is a self-regulatory response to preserve health, not to destroy it. You’ll learn that your health is in your hands. So while you may be battling with something categorised as chronic or degenerative, L’Aube Naturopaths will help if not to reverse your health state or salvage that which is salvageable, to at the very least help in appeasing your symptoms in attempt to restore some quality of life.