Are Actumus products only to be taken if I have health problems?

No. It is ideal to be proactive and preventative. Actumus products are taken to maintain and even boost good health just as they are taken to restore good health. Different protocols are prescribed at different intensities. See a Naturopath for a personalized protocol.

Will I need to continue taking these products indefinitely?

The quick and simple answer to this is that you need food and water to live. And Actumus is indeed food. Actumus offers different products for different needs. And because our products are made of plant-based whole ingredients they are safe and for regular consumption.

Whether you choose to take these indefinitely or in cycles or intervals, is up to you. If you are addressing a certain ailment or condition, you may need to adhere to your protocol for whatever time is needed for you to remedy your situation – this timeframe is subjective to each person and their respective conditions.

Once you’ve addressed any conditions troubling you, you may choose to periodically cleanse and supplement to ensure you maintain your wellbeing.

Should you be consuming Actumus products preventively in the name of health, you may prefer to supplement on a regular basis – weekly, monthly, quarterly. Some, feel that all they need is a deep cleanse once or twice a year.

It is important to note that a healthy lifestyle and habits are not only complimentary to any protocol prescribed, but are pivotal in maintaining good health.

What do I need to know before cleansing?

It’s recommended you meet with one of our Naturopaths prior to commencing a cleansing program; like this you can plan for a protocol that is best suited to your needs.

Meeting with a Naturopath will allow for an evaluation of your health status and for a more targeted and guided remedy plan that will include diet and supplements.

I’ve just been diagnosed with a serious illness, can I benefit from holistic care?

Yes. Holistic care will offer you non-invasive therapy options. Great respect and effort is placed in helping you maintain a dignified quality of life.

You are free to choose holistic care as complimentary to western medical care or you can choose holistic care as your primary care alternative.

Naturopaths believe in addressing the cause not the effect. Any prescribed protocol is with intention to improve your overall wellbeing.

Actumus products are plant-based and whole; we never isolate, standardize or use synthetics that may increase risk of contraindications. Actumus products are formulated to symbiotically feed your body essential nutrients needed to aid with your overall system functions, whilst cleansing your system of toxins that are obstructing you of good health.

Speaking with one of our Naturopaths will help you understand how holistic care can benefit you.

Are Actumus products safe to take if I’m pregnant?

Yes. Actumus products do not contain isolated, standardized or synthetic ingredients that increasing risks of contraindications. All of our products are made of high quality plant-based whole, wild and/or organic ingredients. Actumus products are the equivalent of fine healthy food. They’re safe for you to take while your pregnant and may even help with aliviating you of some common pregnancy symptoms.You might want to think of cleansing prior to pregnancy; this will give you a healthy foundation for your pregnancy and your baby will be growing in a cleaner home.

Can children and babies take Actumus products?

Yes. All of Actumus products are safe for humans of various ages and sizes; posologies however are different for children and babies.Newborns are excluded from this, as the only food for them for the next few months will be milk.

If you’re concerned for your child’s health, make an appointment with a Naturopath for better guidance on what to do and what products to take.

Can some of the products benefit my pet?

Yes. Chloroforce is considered to be plant-blood. You’ll notice your cat or dog instinctively chew at grass from time to time; they need their greens, too.Add a dash of chloroforce to their water, it’s good for their digestion and they’ll love it.

Do I need to be vegan or vegetarian to take Actumus products?

No. Our products benefit all lifestyle categories.

While we do recommend a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, you are not constrained to it.

It should be noted however, that if you’re addressing a health matter, we recommend you speak with a Naturopath who can plan for a protocol best suited to your needs.

What happens when I travel?

We’ve got travel size bottles for you.

Do I need to supplement with other products while I’m taking Actumus products?

No. You don’t need to. You can only if you want to.

Actumus provides all the nutritional values essential to your wellbeing. We’ve ensured to formulate various products to meet all of your body’s needs.

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