What are human beings made of?


There are a few different ways to answer this question. Let’s start by looking at the various parts of the human body. On the outside, we can see the skin, limbs, hair and so on. Moving inward, there are organs, glands, bones, muscles, nerves, blood, and other fluids and gases. At the microscopic level, each… Read More

What is “life energy” and where does it come from?


This is the ultimate question and one that has motivated countless scientists to study the very fabric of our existence. For the purposes of this article, we will focus on the basics, using easy-to-understand language. The desire to know more about what makes us tick and the origins of life speaks to our awareness that… Read More

Human beings are not the authors of their own creation


Whether you think that human beings were created by God or you do not think that God exists, both positions inevitably come down to a matter of belief. Say you were to choose to reject the fact that there are roughly 76 trillion cells in every human body. Likewise, that would simply be an expression… Read More

Understanding the relationship between better health and living in harmony with the universe


What is your truth? The universe controls human beings. It’s when human beings think it’s the other way around that problems arise. Living in harmony with nature, respecting and understanding it, connects us with our own roots. It lets us learn more about the world around us and reverberates throughout our entire being. But the… Read More

Isolation versus Community : How to Live a Healthy, Happy and Long Life


One of the biggest yet lesser known epidemics in the world is an epidemic of loneliness. It’s become quite obvious that the modern way of life in industrialized countries is greatly reducing the quantity and quality of social relationships. We’ve all felt lonely at some point in our lives, however, the effects of loneliness may… Read More