Awakening. Relaxation. Healing. Meditation

April 7 – June 2, 2017 18h45 – 20h30 | at Clinique l’Aube

Sound and vibration is well known to affect our mind, body and actions. Tibetan bowls – also known as man’s ancient musical instruments – were created in Tibet more than 5000 years ago. These bowls were used as means of communication in various meditative ceremonies and initiatives.

Tibetan healing is an ancient Buddhist practice that promotes inner peace using specific sounds as conduits to calm your thoughts and feelings, enhancing your inner strength.

Bowls used are handcrafted and made of seven different healing minerals.

Treat yourself to this appeasing experience
Rest on a yoga mat and surrender to the magic of sounds

With Élaine Claivaz

Elaine is a McGill University graduate and has 25 years experience in training associated with Dale Carnegie for personal development, communication and leadership. Following a great personal transformation through yoga and meditation, Élaine is now a life coach and obtained certification from the Deepak Chopra center as a naturotherapist in Ayurveda. Her humane and generous approach helps people build their inner-strength and encourages them to live healthy by creating more balance, clarity and freedom in their lives.

Items to bring with you:

Yoga mat



Session sequence :

20 min. of meditation

70 min of sound relaxation

*Please arrive 15 minutes early
$25/conférence (taxes included)
For reservation and payment

Clinique l’Aube
514-389- 3026