Naturopathy:  our Naturopaths will provide you with the health pillars necessary for meeting your health challenges and goals. You will learn more about your body, its symptoms, functions, reactions, and how food, nature, and lifestyle play a pivotal role in your wellbeing.  

Colonic hygienists: our colonic hygienists focus on what we believe to is the most important pathway to good health, the colon. Colonic irrigations support you during your health journey, helping you achieve results faster. For optimal results, this service is best coupled with a prior consultation with one of our naturopaths.

Iridology: Iridology is the study of your iris that is said to reflect the body’s overall system weaknesses and strengths. The health practitioner takes a close-up picture of your eye enabling them to analyse patterns, identifying your current health status and progress as you begin your suggested health program. We’re one of the very few clinics in the province specializing in iridology.