College of Naturopathy Christian Limoges

Founded in 1991 by Christian Limoges, the CNCL relies on the profound conviction that the body is one of nature’s marvels and is capable of self-healing. This is the underlying philosophy for the CNCL’s teachings.

Christian Limoges leverages his decades of clinical and field experience to serve students interested in and desiring to increase this philosophy.

The student is led to understand the intelligence of a body which functions in perfect coherence. Those which we call illnesses are in fact the expressions of an organism seeking to find the energy required to maintain perfect health.

The CNCL applies itself to make known the laws which rule the body. “Everything begins with oneself. Strength, immunity and the absence of disease are a matter of internal cleanliness and of integrity of the tissues.’’ The answers lie in nutrition and nature.



Founder and Naturopath

Christian Limoges is a naturopath and a quality of life specialist. After more than thirty years spent in the service of people’s health, his approach is now internationally acclaimed. Building on his success, Christian revealed to the general public the fundamental principles of his method in the book La naturopathie : une nouvelle option.

Although he is a director and teacher at the CNCL*, an international speaker, an author and consultant, Christian is first and foremost the father of four children. Naturally, the best of his time is devoted to his family…

When questioned, his patients are unanimous; “Christian’s strength is that he practices what he preaches’’. He is the first to put his teachings into practice and the benefits he reaps for them in terms of health and well-being are simply astounding. It is only normal that people want to discover his secret ingredient!

Finally, the products he developed reflect his teachings; they can easily be integrated into any lifestyle and are based on the simple and logical principal that nutrition is the basis of a healthy life.

* The Naturopathy school founded in Montreal in 1991.