With over 30 years of experience, Clinique l’Aube is recognized for offering full-service integrative and sustainable alternative health care. L’Aube focuses on the natural laws that govern health and is dedicated to providing you with non-invasive effective therapies for common and stubborn ailments alike. Our certified health professionals are committed to educating, guiding, helping and providing you with all resources necessary for your wellbeing

Christian Limoges (ND)

C.E.O, President

Christian Limoges – respected ND with over 30 years of experience and service – is committed to helping, educating, coaching people the principles necessary in enabling their body’s natural abilities to self-healing.

Inspired by the indigenous society since childhood and the close relationship they have with nature, he draws all the necessary ingredients to formulate his plant-based medicinal supplements

Christian is also chairman and founder of Alternative Medicine clinic l’Aube as well as his namesake educational institution Limoges College.

He studied alongside reknown Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Richard Schulze and Dr. Robert Morses, completed studies at the Hippocrates institution in Florida is a member of the Association of Naturopathic Therapists Quebec (ATNQ).

I encourage you to become alive again and fully enjoy everything life has to offer

Maria Stefaros


Over 2,400 years ago Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine, was the first to proclaim ‘the healing power of nature’. He believed in the natural healing ability of rest, a good diet, fresh air, exercise, cleanliness and herbs. The center point of naturopathy is based on this ancient philosophy and wisdom. As if by fate, Maria’s grandfather was from the tiny island of Kos Greece, the home and birthplace of Hippocrates and his school. Her visit to the island as a young teenager was a pivotal moment in her life, where she desired nothing more than to carry on this lasting legacy and learn the healing arts and sciences of nature.

She pursued her naturopathic studies at Christian Limoges’ school of naturopathy in Montreal. She is also accredited in anatomy, chemistry, and physics and has been awarded in biological sciences. She continues to work alongside Christian Limoges and is further inspired by the works of Dr. Robert Morse, Dr. Bernard Jensen, Professor Arnold Ehret and countless other pioneers of natural medicine. In her current practice, her goal is to educate and empower others who are seeking to be vibrantly healthy. She believes in recognizing the work of God and nature to help revitalize, regenerate and restore balance. To activate the body’s self-healing mechanisms, we need to understand the way our body works and use the strong potential of alkalization and herbal medicine. We need to harmonize with nature.

You are the one in control. Stop, understand yourself, and rid yourself of the thoughts, images, and feelings that bind you. Open the mind and the heart, become free, and your body will also align. Become love.

Lyette Cousineau


Lyette Cousineau started as an administrative assistant at the Clinique L’Aube since 2002.

Trained in respiratory therapy and cinema, her eclectic background led her to work in the travel industry. Coming from a family that promotes traditional medicine, she continues to apply these principles for her husband, her children and herself.
After the birth of her third son, she naturally and comfortably found her place within the Clinic L’Aube. The philosophy of Christian Limoges and the clinic’s naturopaths and therapists are in accordance with her values and she quickly joined the principles and philosophy of the clinic.

Welcoming and smiling, Lyette Cousineau has chosen to expand her knowledge in naturopathy so as to better serve our precious clients. In 2012, her desire to learn has motivated her to pursue a certification in naturopathy at Limoges College.

Since then, she gives consultations as well as Smoothie and Natural food Workshops.

Everyone will tell you that her energy is contagious!

Cristina Androne

Cristina Androne is a certified colon hygienist and certified massage therapist 

She is specialized in digestive and intestinal well being. In her holistic practice, she combines her understanding of the close relationship between nutrition and well being with the therapeutic art of abdominal massages she performs. In addition, she provides personalized advice on eating for great vitality.

She believes that food has curative properties and that your state of vitality begins in the intestines, just like the roots of a plant that capture and absorb nutrients to feed the entire body.

Because of her awareness of the multiple interactions between the body, mind and emotions, Cristina tailors each appointment to the specific needs of her clients. With her warm greeting and her soothing touch, she is motivated by a true desire to help her clients rediscover their fundamental balance and their strength.


I see hydrotherapy of the colon as the fountain of youth inside the body.

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